Experimental Equipment


Laboratory of Natural Biomaterials

Spectrofluorimeter Spex FluoroMax
Spectrofluorimeter Spex FluoroMax. Can measure excitation and emission spectra as well as kinetics in the range of 300-800nm.

Spectrophotometer UV 1700 Pharmaspec Shimadzu
Spectrophotometer UV 1700 Pharmaspec Shimadzu. Can measure spectra and kinetics at the UV and visible range (200-1000nm).

Refrigerated incubator
Refrigerated incubator FOC 225I, VELP scientifica, programmable at temperatures +3° to 50°C.

Laboratory of Biomaterials in Bioengineering



Laser—Matter Interaction


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Composition of Inorganic Materials

Composition of Organic and Hybrid Materials

Supramolecular Chemistry - Synthetic Biomaterials

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