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D. PapazoglouN. PelekanosP. SavvidisS. Tzortzakis,   G. Kioseoglou

Ultrafast dynamics measurements setup Ultrafast dynamics measurements setup The activities in this field are mainly directed towards the study and exploitation of fundamentally novel processes which could potentially allow dramatic improvement in the performance of optoelectronic devices. One such example is the phenomenon of polariton lasing or condensation which requires no population inversions in comparison to conventional semiconductor lasers exhibiting ultralow lasing thresholds. This effort has recently led to the spectacular demonstration of an electrically pumped GaAs polariton LED device which operates near room temperature, published in Nature.

The facilities at our disposal cover wide spectrum starting from sample growth by MBE techniques, processing and device fabrication in a state of the art cleanroom as well as optical and electrical characterization.

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Single dot spectroscopy setup Single dot spectroscopy setup

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