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General Graduate Exams (Prelims)

Upon completion of one year of research, all PhD students are invited by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) to participate in the oral exams (Prelims) which take place twice a year, Spring (late April to early May) and Fall (late September to early October). The progress of each PhD candidate’s research as well as her/his ability to contemplate and present a research subject outside her/his research field are examined.

One month before Prelims day

The Graduate Program Director (GPD), who is coordinating these exams, prepares in collaboration with the Secretariat the list of the PhD students who are required to take the exam at the specific date. Then, the GPD asks faculty members outside the specialized research area of each candidate to provide a non-review paper, which the candidate should present in the second part of the exam.

On Prelims day

All GSC members and candidates' supervisors, as well as other faculty members who wish to attend, participate in the Prelims. It is desirable that faculty members who provided the papers (for the second part of the exam) attend the Prelims.

Each candidate is examined in 2 parts:

  1. In the 1st part she/he presents the progress of her/his research project and the next steps required for its completion. This specific part should not exceed 20 minutes.
  2. In the 2nd part she/he presents the paper assigned to her/him by a faculty member. This specific part should not exceed 15 minutes.