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Rheology and Fracture in Dynamic Networks


VLASSOPOULOS DIMITRIOS, Professor, Materials Science & Technology Dept. - UOC

Committee Members

PETEKIDIS GEORGIOS, Professor, Materials Science & Technology Dept. - UOC

LOPPINET BENOIT, Researcher B, IESL, FORTH, Heraklion Crete GREECE


Polymeric gels and networks are widely used, from fast moving consuming good industry to high-added value applications such as tissue engineering, adhesives, coating, drug delivery and additive manufacturing. They can be either permanent and resist flow, or physical and easy to process while creeping at long times. The grand challenge is to efficiently combine and control within the same material, distinct features of these two classes of networks, such as large mechanical strength, deformability, swelling and self-healing, in order to create multiply responsive materials for new applications. The aim of this project is the systematic study of the linear and nonlinear viscoelastic response in shear of specially synthesized double dynamics polymer networks. The emphasis is to relate molecular characteristics of these networks to their macroscopic response.