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«Design of Novel Materials based on Metallic Nanoparticles»


KOPIDAKIS GEORGIOS, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Technology Dept. - UOC

Committee Members

REMEDIAKIS IOANNIS, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Technology Dept. - UOC

STOUMPOS KONSTANTINOS, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Technology Dept. - UOC


This will be a theoretical study of the topological phases of materials with heavy emphasis on suggesting ways of applying these new technologies in the field of nanomaterials. Topology offers a new way to categorise materials as well as a new avenue to create and manipulate robust surface states. Successful tailoring and engineering of nanomaterial electronic properties will combine the tunability of nanoparticle structure and composition with the robustness of topological phases, guiding nanodevice fabrication and contributing to classifying materials at the nanoscale by their topological properties. Using theoretical and computational methods such as Density Functional Theoryand guided by the physics of nanostructures and topological phases , we will explore novel materials, combining atomic and electronic structure design, which will then be tested in the lab by our experimental colleagues.Τhe effects of magnetism and parameters such as strain will also be explored as additional pathways to control the topological phases of materials.