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Welcome to the site of the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete. Our first students were admitted in 2001 and the department has emerged as an internationally renowned center of teaching and research in materials, a modern, priority field of knowledge. We have developed an attractive undergraduate program which combines the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, focusing on the interdisciplinary subject of materials science (preparation, properties, use and applications). In parallel, we offer a competitive graduate program at the forefront of materials science and technology, leading to the degrees of Masters and PhD. Our students are our highest priority.

Πιστοποίηση ΕΘΑΑΕ The undergraduate programme of our Department is accredited in 2021 by HAHE (Hellenic Authority for Higher Education). The accreditation report deems our Department "fully compliant" with international standards.

Our Department is internationally distinguished and contributes significantly in our Univeristy rankings among world universities: The University of Crete ranks in place 401-500 (for 2022) in the field of "General Engineering" in the World University Rankings of Times Higher Education and in place 351-400 for 2019 in the field of "Materials Science" in the QS Rankings.

In our site you will find detailed presentation of our activities. For further information please feel free to contact us.

M. Vamvakaki

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