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Headshot of Costis Papadopoulos

Costis Papadopoulos

Room E-116, Mathematics' Bldg.

Research Interests

Current research activities include:

Fluid dynamics, simulations of blood flow, blood coagulation, computational modelling of blood coagulation, computational models in medicine and biology, modelling of complex flows in biological and engineering context, computational tools for medical applications, diagnosis and risk prediction.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Konstantinos P. Papadopoulos was born in Athens. He obtained a Physics degree from University of Athens (NKUA). He completed his PhD in City University of London (CUL) in Mechanical Engineering, thesis title “Flow Effect on Thrombus Formation in Stenosed Coronary Arteries – A Computational Study. He continued in CUL as a Post–Doc researcher working on Modelling of Deformation and Break-up of Evaporating Fuel Droplets, while at the same time he kept on with his research on Coronary Flow and Thrombus Modelling. Additionally, he has over 15 years of teaching experience in Secondary School, adults and exams-preparation centres.

Selected Recent Publications and Conference Papers